Board Connect



With its services, BOARD CONNECT Digital forms the basis for successful digital projects that create sustainable value. For this, BOARD CONNECT Digital takes a place on the "passenger seat" of its clients as a sparring partner. As a free, agile, independent consulting boutique with global connections, we advance digital projects across industries with neutral assessments. In doing so, BOARD CONNECT Digital develops the conceptual design of the digital project landscape ("development plan") for its clients: digital business model, supplementation of the existing business activity with digital components and identification of "internal" digitization options / projects. With our holistic approach in the associated business area of HR consulting / direct search, we also put the HR strategy and custom-fit staffing procedures into action. Overall, we always focus on concrete value creation and thus on the commercial perspective.
Our services are always tailored to the respective situation in order to produce cost-efficient decisions. BOARD CONNECT Digital acts on the following topics:

Personnel strategy Digital unit / project

  • Strategy / general orientation
  • Requirement profiles
  • Precisely fitting staffing procedures

BOARD CONNECT Digital supports along these "pillars" of the digital personnel strategy. We define the personnel requirements for digital projects and startups, digital units, or CDO functions. For this, we provide expertise at the necessary points to arrange the diverse digital profiles along the project milestones. The subsequent precisely fitting staffing procedures are the core business of the BOARD-CONNECT team.


Digital Strategy

  • Potential in core business
  • Potential in new digital business
  • Go-to-market strategies

BOARD CONNECT Digital acts as a concept developer for the digital subject area. We review approaches to integrate digital business models into the core business as well as potential for digital new business. In doing so, we consider thematic fields, VC funding trends, market developments and traditional competition. For the implementation of the go-to-market strategy, we select the right partners in the independence of our company and continuously accompany our clients in the strategic management.


Digital project

  • Operational setup concept
  • Business Model Check
  • Stress Test Check

Diverse digital projects are based on faulty structures and procedures regarding the strategy / alignment of the business model, the set goals and governance. With the expectation of advancing a successful digital project, BOARD CONNECT Digital evaluates its feasibility with a neutral assessment: setup, business model, market potential and monetization, as well as cost efficiency, timeline and KPI’s. We give recommendations on the chosen concept and approach.


Network Access & Scouting

  • Target Scouting & Due Diligence
  • Project Team Access
  • Interim CDO Placements

BOARD CONNECT Digital provides access to the digital ecosystem. For the implementation of a digital business model we place a project team - hiring or external agent. Short to medium term assignments can be covered via Interim CDO support, where the project is set up or taken over for a rotation. For "make or buy" decisions, we conduct target scouting and examine takeover candidates in an operational as well as team due diligence.

»Our services are always tailored to the respective situation in order to produce cost-efficient decisions.«