Board Connect


Consistent, focussed – for valuable development

Through its services, Board Connect helps to strengthen the entrepreneurial basis for a creative and sustainable corporate development and long-term success of its clients. We accompany this evolutionary process as strategic partners, every step of the way wihtin the framework of an enduring relationship. In our function as consultants, we are free from the limits and constraints that so often thwart the efforts of large organisations. Board Connect provides its services in the professional design of search processes across all sectors and functions. This way, we are always able to act flexibly and quickly according to the specific needs of our clients.

Customised to the requirements of our clients, our service portfolio covers the following branches of industry:

  • Automotive
  • Consumer / Rretail
  • Digital business
  • Energy and utility
  • Financial services and real estate
  • Healthcare
  • Information technology and telecommunication
  • Life sciences
  • Manufacturing and engineering
  • Private equity
  • Professional services and legal
  • Public sector
  • Science / education / non-profit
  • Transport and logistics
Executive Search
Management-buy-in (MBI) / M & A – search for shareholders / succession plans
Management audits
Interim management
Executive new placement
Executive coaching
Executive / board advisory

Executive Search

Board Connect plays an active role in the most important value creation in businesses and institutions: the identification of high-quality and well-matching candidates for executive, senior management and key positions. We align our clients with energy-driven, decisive leaders and create multifaceted candidate portfolios. At the core of this lies strong, value-bound personalities, inspiring leadership mentality, creative power and entrepreneurial initiative with a role-up-the-sleeves spirit.

Our searching method is founded on a systematic direct-search approach and thus on personal and confidential direct communication with candidates. This is supported by the profound systematic nature of our in-house market research, and our own project management methodology, which comprises five different lines:

  • identification of organisational / management structures and candidates in the target companies,
  • right-on-target database selection,
  • analysis of completed projects with a similar or matching search focus,
  • internal recommendations from other consultants,
  • external recommendations from sector experts and business partners.

In every phase, we place utmost importance on ensuring the highest levels of discretion both for our clients and candidates.

Management-buy-in (MBI) / M & A – search for shareholders / succession plans

Board Connect is in close contact with top executives who are seeking entrepreneurial participation or acquisitions. Since offering consulting services to medium-sized companies is an avowed focus of Board Connect, we uphold constant, close dialogues with proprietors and owner families. As a result, we are familiar with the situation of the respective company and within the framework of succession planning or new shareholder structures, are able to create appropriate links between the two parties. We also maintain good relationships with private equity companies who are looking for investment opportunities in the form of entrepreneurial investments or company takeovers. In such circumstances, Board Connect acts as a matchmaker between investment disposition and need.

Management audits

The team at Board Connect has been conducting effective executive assessments for decades, for instance as part of mergers & acquisitions, changes of ownership or corporate restructuring or the reorganisation of senior management or the executive board.

With in-depth, competence-based interviews, we deliver both insightful competency profiles and potential analyses, in addition to external benchmarking. As active search consultants who assess the candidate market on a daily basis, we are able to make a meaningful contribution to the evaluation of interviewees through external cross-comparisons or market comparisons. This enables our client to attain more knowledge – on which quality levels does the company move in terms of its leadership and where does it stand with such executives in relation to the market / competition?

Our consulting activities include individual and group assessments, as well as the evaluation of specific executive levels. We adapt the conception, procedure and team structure to the knowledge interests and corporate goals of the client, and thus offer customised solutions within this field of consulting.

Interim management

Sudden vacancies often endanger momentum in a company’s development and/or the attainment of corporate goals. Board Connect has access to a candidate portfolio of interim managers for all industries and functions, who can be available within just a few days. They quickly familiarise themselves with the new role, safeguard company plans, keep the workforce and leadership teams together and, as experienced ’doers’, ensure consistent implementation. Board Connect functions as a mere mediator for interim managers, and does not operate as a temporary employment agency. In other words, the interim managers conclude a contract directly with the company they are required to manage.

Executive new placement

Regime changes in companies can often lead to top executives suddenly finding themselves outside of the new coordinate system – often through no fault of their own. Value-driven companies with a separation culture then offer newplacement packages in order to facilitate the professional reorientation of their former managers.

In such circumstances, Board Connect acts as a contractual partner for new placement and organises the professional support and guidance of executives during the period of their professional „reinventing“. As an executive search company, we are particularly focused on establishing communication levels with interesting and interested companies, thus paving the way for new professional opportunities and helping to organise new options.

Regardless of the circumstances of separation, Board Connect also offers special career consulting for established executives. This focuses on personal stock-taking and evaluation, whilst also looking at future-oriented professional goals.

Executive coaching

When executives transition from middle management to senior management or top executives, they are usually faced with a challenging career move that leads to new responsibilities, communication requirements, benchmarks and conflict situations, along with increased internal and external publicity. During this neuralgic phase, an adept coach can prove to be a valuable sparring partner. Board Connect collaborates with highly experienced and accomplished coaches with a wide variety of specialities. We establish the appropriate connections to enable top executives to gain higher levels of knowledge concerning their own personality and executive approach. Providing food for thought and new perspectives is at the forefront of this, in addition to carving out new areas of learning and development, nurturing critical reflections on leadership and communication and encouraging appropriate self-criticism in order to create space for personal development within the company’s social structure.

Executive / board advisory

Board Connect acts as a reliable project and sparring partner for members of supervisory boards, boards of directors and advisory councils in the area of corporate governance and for the execution of board reviews, as well as the regular assessment of the work of executive boards and their members by the supervisory board. We develop adequacy assessments for executive and director remuneration and work together with the board to create salary models or contract architecture that correspond to both good corporate governance and the market conditions for top managers in Germany and abroad. These insightful consulting processes are nourished by a wealth of experience and practical knowledge gained from our ever-growing database of concluded contracts and projects driven by our executive search business.

Supervisory and executive bodies can always contact us confidentially to discuss their relevant tasks and topics. Board Connect can either formulate a convincing answer itself or organise a solution through its competent, experienced networks. It is our clear ambition to be a reliable solution architect.